October 8, 2013

Easy Halloween Nail Tutorial: Skull & Crossbones

It's safe to say that I am officially in the spirit of Halloween! I have all my decorations pulled out and they are slowly but surely going up and today kicks off my October themed posts- it doesn't get better than this!

Today I was feeling inspired to share a Halloween nail tutorial that is really simple to do, but looks really put together and you will have everyone thinking you are a nail art ninja! So roll up your sleeves and let's get to work!

You will only be needing 3 components to this tutorial- black nail polish, dark glitter polish, and some spooky stencils. Here's what I used:

Essie in licorice
Wet n Wild in Night Prowl
Skull & Crossbone Stencils

Here's how you can achieve this nail look:

1. Paint all nails with Essie licorice, except for middle nail.
I love this black polish, because it is so incredibly black - I only use one coat.

2. Apply a coat of Night Prowl over the ring fingernail.

3. Apply skull & crossbones stencil to middle nail and paint one coat of black polish. Allow to dry completely before removing the stencil.

4. Paint tip of middle nail black, allow to dry and then apply a coat of Night Prowl over top.

5. Finish this spooky manicure off with a coat of topcoat. I love Essie good to go.

I love this nail look, because it is festive, but still wearable. Skulls, a little glitter, and black are always trendy- October or not. Wear it to school, the office, or out on the town!!

What do you think of this Halloween nail look?


  1. Love this nail tutorial for Halloween. The glitter polish is gorgeous. Wet n Wild glitters are so inexpensive, but some of my favorites!


    1. Thank you! I completely agree- the Wet n Wild glitters are great and a great price too!

  2. So festive! I like the look of Night Prowl over the back polish.


  3. I love this. Where did you get the stencils?

    1. Thank you and I picked them up at a drugstore in Canada!