November 22, 2013

2013 Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers For Him

Stocking Stuffers For Him

It's time for another 2013 Gift Guide post and this time it's for that special man in your life! Coming up with stocking stuffers for that special guy can be tough sometimes so I have compiled a little list to hopefully help you out this year. I like to stock my guy's stocking with both practical and special gifts. Guys love practical, yet it's nice to spoil them a bit too, but ONLY if they've been good this year!!! Click on to find out what I chose and why!!

1. The Travalo

As I mentioned in my last Gift Guide post-this is THE little gift of 2013 and that includes buying for him. The Travalo is great for any guy, because they can take it with them to the gym, the business trip, or in the glove compartment of their car! They secretly like to freshen up too!

2. Socks

I know that socks might seem a little boring, but guys are practical thinkers and for some reason socks seem to be at the top of that 'practical things' list for them. Getting him a few pairs of really nice workout socks or dress socks will have him signing fa la la la la!

3. Wallet with Money Clip

After having several conversations with different guys about what makes a good wallet. The wallet with the money clip seems to be a favorite. Guys like to be organized too and having their cards and money separate seems to be all a guy really wants. He will thank you for this one!

4. iTunes Gift Card

Making it onto the list again is the iTunes gift card. I don't think you can go wrong with this one-even for that special guy!

5. Body Wash

Not just any body wash, but his favorite. Again guys like the practical gifts too and he will love that you saved him having to pick one up. To sweeten the deal throw in a luffa too! They like to exfoliate -even if they don't say it out loud.

6. Cologne

You can splurge and get him a full size of his favorite cologne or one he has been wanting to add that extra special gift to his stocking or just grab a sample pack of colognes and let him try a bunch. They offer great samples a places like Sephora.

7. Grooming Kit

This is a great one for any guy! It puts it all in one place and has all the tools that will remind them of what they SHOULD be grooming. I guess this one is the gift that keeps on giving.

8. Game Controller

This one is specific to those boys that play games, but I am pretty sure that 99.99% of the boy population plays. It is a great gift,because guys always love have a back-up controller in case theirs- dare I say it-breaks or if that extra buddy stops over for a game of Madden!

I hope this helped when planning what you are going to pick up for that special boy in your life! Alot of these gifts would work as gifts for friends, dads, brothers,etc. Happy shopping girls!!

What gifts does your guy like at Christmas time-practical or impractical?


  1. Love your gift guide :-) itunes gift card is a good one, who doesn't like music right? Thanks for sharing.

    x Roch & Tash x

  2. I'm loving gift guides so much right now! So many good choices-- you can never go wrong with itunes money!

    sundays grace

    1. Thanks! I am loving gift guide reads too right now! It really helps with shopping!!

  3. Great gift guide, I know my husband would love the controller and cologne!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! Ya the controller thing would be where it's at for my husband too!

  4. lovely gift guide girl ! xx

  5. Those are great ideas to use for stocking stuffers!

  6. I saw a great wallet at the Fossil store, it was a wallet with a beer bottle opener money clip. I regret not buying it then because now I can't find it. Great list, guys are so tricky to shop for.

    1. Thanks Nikki!! And yes they can be hard to buy for!!