July 29, 2013

Sephora Contour Eye Pencil: Diving In Malaysia

This past weekend was my birthday and I was out doing some much needed retail therapy and somehow stumbled into Sephora! Imagine that! I wasn't going for anything specific I just wanted to browse around without a plan. Which I must say could have been a dangerous visit, but I held back and picked up 1 item. Plus my bonus birthday gift- thanks Sephora!

I have to admit I have never tried the Sephora Contour Eye Pencils before. Not that I was avoid them I just never thought to have a look at them. Yet on my birthday that is the place I found myself, browsing through the Sephora eye liners.

Now at first glance it is rather exciting. They have a plethora of colors and at $9 a pop you really can't go wrong. I was first drawn to the bright summer colors, but found myself wanting a more practical color and then I saw it.....Diving In Malaysia. I had to have it. The color is so gorgeous and I really don't have an eyeliner color like this.

It is the most beautiful black-green infused with tiny gold flecks! Gorgeous! I also have to rave about the fact that the formula is perfect. Soft, silky and transfers beautiful to the skin without the dreaded tugging. Now I must admit I was a little skeptical about how the formula would hold up, but fear not it lasts and lasts. I wore this out for my birthday night and it held up perfectly against the heat and humidity and I was outside for most of the evening!

All in all I am super impressed with this eyeliner! I will definitely be purchasing more of these. How can you go wrong with a $9 price point and for a product that holds up against the best of them! Kudos to Sephora!

I am going to be creating a look using this eye liner so stay tuned!!!

Have you tried these eye liners? What are your thoughts?


  1. great review. I love all their products especially their eye liners :)

  2. This looks so pretty! Happy belated birthday by the way!

  3. This liner looks so unique. I love the hint of green and the little bit of sparkle.


  4. Oh this is such a gorgeous colour, every I see Sephora products I'm sad that we don't sell it where I live, but there's always online :)

    Rebecca x

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  6. Before reading this post I do not like the eyeliners and eye pencils but now after reading your review I have planned to buy an Eye Pencil for my eyebrows. It will surely change my look.
    The eyeliner given in the above link is good for me or should I choose any other Eye Pencil.