November 19, 2013

If Pinterest Were My Closet: Holiday Party Look

I am so excited that holiday season is finally here and with that season comes good times, a plethora of get togethers, and fabulous holiday parties. Having a stand-out holiday party outfit is an absolute must and when I saw this photo of Carrie Bradshaw in one of my favorite of her outfits- I knew this had to be a part of the If Pinterest Were My Closet...Holiday Edition! This outfit just screams holiday party or New Years Eve party!! I am completely in love with this skirt!❤❤

So you know how it is my version of this outfit....

Holiday Party Look

Holiday Party Look by beautybykendrac featuring knit convertible mittens

Let's start with the skirt, because in my mind this makes the entire outfit a huge success. It is the focal point of this entire look and it's stunning! I think that a tulle skirt like this would look so flattering on any body type and it makes a statement!  I chose this deep blue color because I felt that it represented this years color trend better.

Another point that I love about an outfit like this is the fact that its simplicity speaks volumes. The basic white tank top tucked into the tulle skirt is clean simple and flattering all at the same time. 

I paired a cream colored blazer with this outfit to offset the white. Too much white would take away from the skirt and be a little too stark for my liking. Selecting a blazer that is a shade or two off will really make this outfit pop. I also like a bit of a longer boyfriend style blazer because it looks more like a blazer | jacket for this outfit.

For accessories I chose a clutch with a bit more hardware. I love the skull clasp on the top and the studs spread across the body of the clutch. Since I would probably go light on the jewelry having a standout clutch would be a must. I also chose it in a cream to have some continuity between the blazer and the rest of the outfit. 

I opted for a pair of strappy gold heels Something very simply but quite a high heel and stark gold to add a bit of femininity and bling to the outfit.

Finally I wouldn't leave the house without a pair of duo mitten | fingerless gloves. These are perfect for adding a cute factor to the outfit with the mitten style glove, but bring some practicality as well. You know you will need your fingers for all the photos and texting you will be doing.

I hope you enjoyed my first Holiday Edition of If Pinterest Were My Closet!! There will be plenty more of these holiday themed outfit ideas so make sure you are subscribed to my blog!! ❤❤

What do you think of a tulle skirt for the holiday season?


  1. So pretty! SJP can pull anything off! I love how girly the skirt is.

    1. I know...I love that skirt so much!!! ❤❤

  2. How funny! I was just looking at this outfit last week. I've decided that I'm going to make a skirt like this, but maybe in pink... I'll have to see what colors are available at the fabric store.