October 20, 2011

GLAM GAB: Healthy Hair Habits

One of the ultimate goals of a woman is to have unbelievable hair. Whether you are trying for trendy, sleek & straight, carefree & curly, we all desire one thing, healthy. With all of our colors, treatments, hot tools, products and well, just the environment around us, our hair can become an enemy that we fight with every day in front of the mirror.

There are some Healthy Hair Habits that you can get into that will combat the everyday abuse our hair takes. 

1. Regular Trims

There is this underlying fear in women that they will go for a trim and come out less 4 inches of hair. We have all visited a new hair stylist that is "scissor happy". So, this fear often prevents women from their regular trims. This is one of the most important Healthy Hair Habits, you need to remove the split, broken, or weak ends of the hair in order for the hair to continue growing strong. You should be going for trims every 4-6 weeks, depending on the condition of your hair. Usually your stylist will give a recommendation as to when you should return for the next one. The best way to get what you want from your trim, is to communicate with your stylist. Make sure that they are listening and have a conversation about what you want. After all you are the customer!

2. Smart Shampoo

There are many different versions of advice when it comes to shampooing. The big questions is, do I do it everyday or not? The reason you are told not to do it everyday is because most shampoo contains sulfates, which actually dry out your hair, causing it to weaken and break. It is best to avoid heavy shampoos everyday, because of this ingredient. On the other hand you don't want to walk around with oily hair, so my rule of thumb is to alternate your light shampoo and a vigorous shampoo. This way you aren't drying out your hair, but can keep it manageable. 

             3. Deep Condition

It is important to use a good deep conditioner. When I was in the industry I used to tell my clients that if they are to splurge on one professional product, it would be the deep conditioner. It is so important to have a deep conditioner that does what it says it will. In our dry climate I would say everyone should deep condition once a week, if you have very dry or damaged hair then 2-3 times a week. It really does make a big difference in the overall condition of the hair. I recommend Joico's K-Pak, the whole line has been around for a long time, but it truly does work.

 4. Use A Heat Protectant

This is another BIG one. With all of the heat tools we use on our hair, day to day, it is very important to protect against the heat. I use a blow dryer and either a straight iron or curling on my hair everyday, which can cause stress on the hair. Therefore, I like to double up my heat protectors. Before I blow dry I use a spray. My favorite is the John Frieda Heat Protectant Spray. It is an amazing product for a great price. I can tell it works, plus I love the way it makes my hair feel. It actually softens my hair as I blow dry. Another spray I use daily is a Thermal Iron Spray. If I am straightening, I spray each section before I iron it. I love the Schwarzkopf- Got2B Flat Iron Spray, again can be found at a local drugstore and works so great for a great price. These 2 products have left me so impressed with their quality.  

5. Proper Elastics

You would be surprised how much hair breakage comes from the wear and tear of hair elastics. So much, that often times you can see a line of breakage in the hair. I saw it all too often! The best way to avoid the unwanted breakage is by using "ouchless elastics". They are your basic elastic band without the metal connector. The metal connector is what causes the breakage, hair getting caught in it and then when you remove the elastic you rip out or break the hair off. Trust me, it's worth it to use the proper elastic bands, especially if you wear your hair up alot. 

These Healthy Hair Habits can be incorporated into your haircare routine and will help keep your hair healthy and free from breakage. Remember it's all about protecting from heat, trimming off the bad ends, alternating shampoos, and re-hydrating with a good deep conditioner!


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